Hello, I am Dave Hoffman.I can build or design your perfect tree house, tree stand or observation deck. I grew up on a farm in Central Pennsylvania where I spent most of my time outdoors. My love of construction started at an early age as I was always building something on the farm. To me, school was a pain except for shop and gym class and of course the camaraderie that sports provided.  Throughout high school, in addition to mini bike trails, I continued building forts and tree houses around the farm using discarded lumber from real projects; although, sometimes I went to the lumber yard and purchased material. After graduating from high school, I worked in construction. During that year, I decided that if I wanted to be the one designing homes, bidding in jobs, dealing with customers and managing the finances for this work, I needed to further my education.  I graduated from WACC, now Penn Tech, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. With my own construction company I did renovations and repairs, built additions and constructed new homes. An experience building a log home in Turkey led me to a long term relationship with a log home company who I enjoyed 15 years with.  I liked  the log home projects throughout the United States and I especially liked to travel and experience the people and culture at the International sites. I am skilled in post and beam timber framing, large log construction, and log home maintenance and repair. Recently, I decided to get back to my roots and am now using these skills to again build tree houses.  Feel free to take a look at our tree house designs on the model pages.